I want to build a dynamic form with column layout. Form fields should display in multiple columns (should be dynamic) .

I got a work around (having multiple container in a form panel and making the width to 50% for 2 column layout). But the panel is not rendering properly. Some fields are overriding.

Is there any other way to achieve this in Sencha Touch.

Thanks in advance.


------> Form Panel-1
------------> Container-1.1 [column1, width:50%]
------------------> Form fieldset-1.1.1
------------> Container-2 [column2, width:50%]
------------------> Form fieldset-1.2.1

------> Form Panel-2
------------> Container-2.1 [column1, width:100%]
------------------> Form fieldset-2.1.1
------------------> Form fieldset-2.1.2

------> Form Panel-3
------------> Container-3.1 [column1, width:33.3%]
------------------> Form fieldset-3.1.1
------------> Container-3.2 [column2, width:33.3%]
------------------> Form fieldset-3.2.1
------------> Container-3.3 [column3, width:33.3%]
------------------> Form fieldset-3.3.1