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Thread: JSDuck - the tool for documenting your Ext JS apps

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    Default JSDuck - the tool for documenting your Ext JS apps

    Today I'm happy to announce the release of JSDuck 3.0.

    The project has grown quite tremendously since the initial 0.1 release almost a year ago. No more is it an alternative documentation generator, but an official one. Therefore I'm closing the old forum thread which has lots of outdated information and start a new fresh one.

    Check out JSDuck at Github.

    Although a lot has changed, the main features of JSDuck have remained the same:

    * Support for Markdown, so you can write human-readable comments.

    * Strong adherence to the DRY principle, so you don't have to repeat in comments what you already have said in code.

    Over time JSDuck has been extended outside the realm of basic API documentation, allowing the creation of guides, examples and other things you see in the official Ext JS 4 documentation.

    But for most users, these aren't as useful, so for this 3.0 release I'd like to highlight the latest and greatest API documentation related features:

    * Inline examples allow you embed live demos of your components (no more limited to Ext JS 4 components) inside the documentation. No more will you need to create screenshots to show how your component looks like. Simple add an @example tag, and there you have it.

    * Custom tags allow you to add support for metadata tags that JSDuck doesn't support natively, like @license, @date, @version.

    Read the Advanced Usage Guide for details.

    Like always, JSDuck is just a simple gem install away:

    $ [sudo] gem install jsduck
    For Windows users, there is a downloadable binary version.

    For latest changes, see the changelog.
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