Thanks for the response. I'll try {@img} in the guide.

I figured out the multiple --image tag shortly after posting my question. The reason I set it to c:\jsduck\content is because that's the root folder, so I would specify images\image.png and guides\guide\image.png, etc., for the images. I suppose I can specify two --image options, one for c:\jsduck\images and one for c:\jsduck\guides, as long as I don't place image files directly in the guides folder, as this could potentially run the risk of two images with the same name getting copied to the same place, right?

Whenever I try to specify the --img tag, I get an error saying '< was unexpected at this time'. I've tried every permutation of specifying quotes that I could think of, even tried it without the quotes, and had no success. I want to add the title attribute to the image tag. I get the same error when I copy and paste the example you provided.
jsduck --img '<p><img src="%u" alt="%a"></p>'
One unrelated question:
For the meta-tags option, not knowing Ruby or its naming conventions, do I have to name a Ruby class file to be the same as its class name? I played briefly with a simple example and it seemed to be ignoring it, so I didn't pursue it any further.

Thanks for all your great work on this!