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Thread: IE Performance / Browser Benchmarks

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    That's an interesting question.

    Off-topic: Will it be Sencha on-line videos of this year's conference posted any time soon?

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    Exclamation IE6 Memory Leak

    So we looped 25 array grids (from the ext examples) in an absolute layout using various ext versions. So here's how we tested the timeings:

    1. Opened a new IE6 window with "about:blank" in it.
    2. Loaded our local file path of the html file with the grids and ext version (all static files, no HTTP)
    3. Captured the time in ms to load
    4. Reloaded the page and kept capturing the time

    Here is where we noticed a major memory leak in 4.1.pr1:

    Load 1 - 4312ms
    Reload - 5437ms
    Reload - 6922ms
    Reload - 8407ms
    Reload - 10188ms
    Reload - 11109ms
    Reload - 12828ms
    Reload - 14469ms
    Reload - 16047ms
    Reload - 17110ms

    In Mozilla and Chrome, it was consistant, but IE6 was leaking real bad. Ext 4.0.2a and 4.0.7 remained consistent at about 10000ms each for the same set of tests.

    Ext 3.4 averaged 1683ms to build the same thing, which is embarssing for the ext 4.x series. So even at best, Ext 3 was about 3 times faster than the tuned ext 4.1-pr1.

    As we've migrated several of our corporate apps from Ext 3 to Ext 4.x, performance has been a MAJOR concern for us, across the board. I've been with you guys since version 1 and hope you guys can sort this out as it is very damaging to the reputation of the framework and product.

    Please help!!!

    NOTE - The column header lines (splits) were also not rendering...

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