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Thread: How To Get the Radio Button value

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    Exclamation How To Get the Radio Button value

    I use ExtJs Designer tool for gui Development. I tried to get radio box value but it showing error for me. can any one tell me how to get the value. Here i need Radio Group, but i don't know how to get radio group button in EXTJS designer tool. So i tried like that Here i attached my code for reference. Please Help me.

    this.items = [
                    xtype: 'fieldset',
                    title: '',
                    x: 10,
                    y: 140,
                    width: 780,
                    height: 200,
                    layout: 'absolute',
                    hideBorders: true,
                    id: 'selectCriteriaFieldSet',
                    items: [
                            xtype: 'label',
                            text: 'Translater',
                            x: 350,
                            y: 10,
                            id: 'searchId'
                            xtype: 'button',
                            text: 'Submit',
                            x: 350,
                            y: 120,
                            height: 22,
                            width: 70,
                            id: 'searchButton'
                            xtype: 'radio',
                            x: 350,
                            y: 40,
                            boxLabel: 'Upload',
                            name: 'SelectionRd',
                            inputValue: 'upload',
                            id: 'upload'
                            xtype: 'radio',
                            x: 350,
                            y: 70,
                            boxLabel: 'View/Edit/Download',
                            name: 'SelectionRd',
                            inputValue: 'view',
                            id: 'view'
    When click the button like below
    this.findById('searchButton').on('click', function(button, event){
                            var radioValue = Ext.getCmp('SelectionRd').getValue();
    Here i got error.The Error is :Unable to get value of the property 'getValue': object is null or undefined
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