I know it's still at DP 5 and not officially released - but I'm completely new (ie: less than a week experience) to GXT, so, started with 3.0, since we're using GWT 2.4 and if we start using GXT, will do so with 3.0.

I do have some questions, though, and these might well be due to the fact that I don't know what I'm doing - but couldn't find an appropriate Q&A forum for 3.0.... nor do I fully know if my questions are 3.0-specific. My apologies, therefore, for the extreme-newbie questions.

So, I guess I'll start with a few simple ones.

- I've been doing some initial playing around with the Window class. If I
  1. Create a Window
  2. Add a VerticalLayoutPanel to it
  3. Add several Labels to the VerticalLayoutPanel
  4. Show the window

it sizes itself to be large enough to acommodate all its contents.
However, if I do the same thing with a BorderLayoutPanel in the Window instead, when I show the Window, it starts out small and I have to manually stretch it (or explicitly give it a size).

How do I get this to auto-size to accommodate the contents correctly? I know I'm comparing apples and oranges here, but is there something in the Window class that causes behavior similar to using pack() in Swing's JFrame class?

- In the example mentioned above where I add a few Labels to the VerticalLayoutPanel, then subsequently add the VerticalLayoutPanel to the Window, I notice that the titlebar and border of the Window has the same background color as the main window itself, thus you can't really tell where the titlebar/border ends and the main window begins. Is this supposed to be like this, or am I doing something wrong?

- Minimize - on a Window, when I do setMinimizable(true), I get the minimize icon in the title bar of the Window, as expected. However, it does nothing. I guess this is because the Window must be inside of some other component (and thus have a minimize icon somewhere, etc). But inside of what? How do I work with this? I see the Window as being the equivalent maybe of Swing's JInternalFrame, but what should contain the Window?

Thanks in advance...