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Thread: Yet another Window class question....

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    Default Yet another Window class question....

    Is there a "proper" or "recommended" way to put contents in a Window?

    I've tried both by using Panel classes (HorizontalPanel, VerticalPanel), as well as using the LayoutContainer classes (HorizontalLayoutContainer, VerticalLayoutContainer).

    Both seem to work, though the font is a little different for labels inside the Panel versus LayoutContainer classes.

    Interestingly, the Window will auto-size to accommodate if I use a HorizontalPanel with multiple Labels inside it, but will only partially do so with a HorizontalLayoutContainer.

    In any case, is there a reason to use one or the other, or does it not matter when using the Window class?

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    HorizontalLayoutContainer is a GXT class and can size its children. HorizontalPanel is a GWT class which does not size its children at all.

    It depends on your requirements what you should use

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