Well, as you can tell from the barrage of questions in a short time frame, I'm new to GWT.

We're starting to do an evaluation. I've seen some of the Samples/Demos, but the source provided is GXT 2.x code, some of which is not applicable to GXT 3.x

Given that I (and anyone in my organization) will be completely new to GXT, I'd like references that will not, shall we say, "contaminate" my knowledge with 2.x-specific information.

The JavaDoc API that came with the download is extremely sparse in terms of explanation of methods/classes.

The blog entry for 3.0 makes mention of a manual that will be available.

Is there anything so far, even if not yet complete?

A manual? Tutorials for beginners who will be starting with GXT 3.0? Will the JavaDoc API be fleshed out, or is it starting to be filled out currently?

Thanks! Any help would be definitely appreciated. I'm trying to learn from basically square one, and would like to keep my stumbling to a minimum.