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    Default FR: Masks for Filters

    I'd put this feature request in the Feature Request forum but that apparently is not available to normal users. Moving on. I would be great if we had something more general than LoadMask. I specifically want to use it to handles cases where a Grid/Store (a) has no results or (b) has a filter applied hiding all the results.

    Consider the image attached below. In this dialog, users type text into the search box. As they type matching results are shown in the first grid. In cases where there aren't any results I want to inform the user. I think the best way to do this is to display a message on-top-of or in the Grid in the style of a LoadMask.

    I've able to use LoadMask by taking great liberties and ignoring the abstractions within Ext. I have a rough example in 2nd attachment. I'm still working out the CSS. It would of course be better if there was a 'Good/Proper' way to accomplish the same thing...
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