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    Default Answered: Datepicker change language

    Hi guys, i'm trying to change the datepicker languange from english to italian and i'm using Sencha Touch 1.1.1 .
    I put the file path into the index "src/locale/ext-lang-it.js" but nothing change.
    Can anyone help me?!

    Thanks a lot

  2. Ciao strad84.
    First, you need to create a new .js file called, as you correctly said, "ext-lang-it.js".
    In this file you have to put what follows:

    //Translating the months names
    Date.monthNames = [
        "Gennaio", "Febbraio", "Marzo",
        "Aprile", "Maggio", "Giugno",
        "Luglio", "Agosto", "Settembre",
        "Ottobre", "Novembre", "Dicembre"
    //Translating he DatePicker component labels
    if(Ext.DatePicker) {
    	Ext.apply(Ext.DatePicker.prototype, {
    		dayText		: 'Giorno',
    		monthText	: 'Mese',
    		yearText	        : 'Anno'
    Finally you need to include this file in your "index.html".
    If you run this simple application, you will see that everything has been translated now

        onReady: function() {
    		var datePicker = new Ext.DatePicker();;
    Hope this helps.

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