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Thread: Auto refreshing of cellediting grid

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    Default Auto refreshing of cellediting grid

    hey guys,

    I figure out that when using the cellediting plugin with grid panel, afther we edit a cell, the value of that cell will update immediately. But this only happen on the original cells of records that loading from the store by the grid. If we add some new records to the grid later after initialization dynamically, and then we edit some cells of the new adding recoreds, the value of that cells will not update immediately.

    Is this a bug? or is there any configuration I forgot to do?

    Thanks & regards,

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    I'm not following you.

    I took the cell editing grid example from the download... on store load, I add a new record. I edit a cell that was loaded via the store and it shows the dirty flag. I edit the new record and it shows the dirty flag just like when I edited a record that was loaded from the store.
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