Sencha Animator for the most part works beautifully for our purposes.

However, we have encountered a mysterious effect when running an animation on Safari on the Mac or iPad. A diagonal blanking effect obscures part of the image. The animation loops infinitely, so it blanks for awhile, then shows in full again, then blanks again.

This effect does not appear running in Chrome. We put a screencap here:
Sencha Animator 1.0 Build 41 on Safari 5.1.1. Note that it runs quite smoothly; the odd hue and jerkiness are due to the screencap.

Happy to send along the project file if that would help - not at liberty to post it publicly, but could email it, etc. We just discovered this problem, days from deadline! Glad it was discovered, but still mystified. We tried deleting various elements, and were able to stop the effect if we deleted the static background upon which the various layers move. But that produced another effect: "Ripple" layers behind the coconut appeared atop the coconut.

I know, sounds odd. But you'll see what I mean about coconuts, ripples, and diagonal blanks when you view the video. Thanks for any help you might provide us!