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Thread: Ui:light, ui:dark has no effect on data view. Cannot see scrollbar on dark background

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-981 in a recent build.
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    Default Ui:light, ui:dark has no effect on data view. Cannot see scrollbar on dark background

    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:
    • Sencha Touch 2.0.0 pr1
    Browser versions tested against:
    • Safari 5
    • Chrome 15
    DOCTYPE tested against:
    • html
    • Setting the ui property on a DataView or List has no effect on the scrollbar color. choosing a dark or black background the scrollbar cannot be seen
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    • Create a DataView
    • Set the background color to black via CSS
    • Set the UI to light or dark
    The result that was expected:
    • Scrollbar would change color as appropriate for the ui setting
    The result that occurs instead:
    • Cannot see scrollbar on black background
    Test Case:
        Ext.application({    name: 'MyApp',
        launch: function () {
            Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
                store: {
                    fields: ['name', 'age'],
                    data: [
                { name: 'Jamie', age: 100 },
                { name: 'Rob', age: 21 },
                { name: 'Tommy', age: 24 },
                { name: 'Jacky', age: 24 },
                { name: 'Ed', age: 26 }
                itemTpl: '<div>{name} is {age} years old</div>'
    Possible fix:
    • CSS Styling for the scrollbar. I attempted to change the scrollbar styles but it had no effect
    Operating System:
    • Windows 7 64x
    • iOS 5

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    thank you for the report. This is a known issue.
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