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Thread: How is the tab bar implemented?

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    Default How is the tab bar implemented?

    Just wondering how the tabs work, as in theory they should be impossible. As far as I know mobile browsers tend to not support position:fixed and similar "tricks".

    Does Sencha Touch implement custom scrolling? It looks fairly good, but when comparing it to a "normal" web site I had the impression that normal web site scrolls a little bit smoother (tested with Android on a Nexus One).

    It might still be a compromise I am willing to live with (since there are also no real alternatives), but it would be nice to know how it works.


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    The problem with mobile OSes is they don't scroll very well in divs. Lots of times you have to use two fingers (iOS5 helps a bit I believe) so yes, Sencha Touch has it's own scrolling to cope.
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