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Thread: Different DOM markup depending on browser in Ext JS 4?

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    Question Different DOM markup depending on browser in Ext JS 4?

    Could you guys help me understand something about the theming in Ext JS 4? In Ext JS 3, the DOM markup was pretty much the same in all browsers (i.e. 9-cell tables for buttons). In Ext JS 4.0.2a however, I noticed that in modern browsers the markup was modern (i.e. divs for buttons) but in IE the older "9-cell table button" markup was generated.

    Is it true that in Ext JS 4, the plan is to have the old Ext JS 3-style markup generated in older browsers, and modern markup in modern browsers? Because these two types of markup are vastly different, it will require essentially maintaining two sets of styles to achieve the same theme across all browsers in Ext JS 4. I just want to make sure I understand before I get to work on theming in 4.


    P.S. I posted this question in the Neptune Theme thread also but I thought afterward that this forum would be a better place for it.

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    We try to optimize the DOM for each browser. Using SASS, you wouldn't need to maintain different themes as the CSS will automatically be generated for you.
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