In order to plan most of us need to know when 4.1 is going to be released. 4.0 is not usable because of the performance problems. This is not breaking news, nor is it a criticism. We all know this is a hard release to get out, and we all know the pressure is on. Anyone who is seasoned has been through this and can relate. We feel your pain and know you guys are working your asses off doing a tremendous job!

A lot of us worked very hard upgrading from 3.0 to 4.0 because we believe in the features, and the new architecture, however, a lot of us are on hold for the moment as well as our customers. Its probably a management decision not to post a 4.1 release datewe all have to deal with management decisionsbut not posting an estimated date I believe could ultimately hurt your relationship with customers. Offering more transparency would go a long way to helping us cope. The vast majority of us are reasonable and can take bad news (and dish it out to our bosses/customers when we fall behind).

Please? Even if its just a guess, plus or minus a few weeks, or even a, "Not before ..." or "No later than...".

Thanks guys, keep up the awesomeness!!!