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Thread: Focusing/Moving current view to an element on the page...

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    Question Focusing/Moving current view to an element on the page...

    Hey guys,

    Is there any way to "focus"/move the current view to a certain element on your page, maybe even without a scroller?

    Let's say clicking on a button adds a <div> above the top of your page, beyond view, that you want the view to center on. I've tried this with a scroller and using scrollTo (making sure to call updateBoundary beforehand), but the scroller just bounces back down...if the <div> is placed towards the bottom of the page, the scroller accommodates the new room and can scroll down there successfully.

    Any elegant way of achieving something like this, (with or without a scroller)? Thanks all, cheers!

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    Can I get a locally runnable test case?
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