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Thread: Border Layout problem in Ext Designer when designing in ExtJS 4

    This duplicates another bug already reported in our system: DSGNR-986
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    Default Border Layout problem in Ext Designer when designing in ExtJS 4

    Hi All,

    I've just installed Ext Designer and tried to design a UI for my project. I've noticed a bug with a border layout, when project is using ExtJS 4.

    Here is the scenario:

    1. I drag and drop a viewport to the design area
    2. I select "border" layout in the dropdown
    3. I drag and drop a grid to the viewport in the center of the screen
      • The grid automatically sets itself to "center" region

    4. I drag and drop a panel to the viewport
      1. The panel also automatically sets itself to "center" region

    5. I try to change the region for the panel to "north"
      1. Both the Grid and the Panel are end up set to "north"

    6. If I try to change region for the Grid
      1. Both items on the screen change to that region

    If project selected is ExtJS 3.x - problem dissapears.

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    I've seen this as well. My work-around is to delete the entire component tree where the border layout is config'd, then re-create it. It is a bit annoying..

    Also, this has already been reported. Look here:
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    Yes this is a bug and will be in the next update. Not sure on timing.
    Phil Strong

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