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Thread: Modifying Loader, Default Viewport Name, IDE problems

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    Default Modifying Loader, Default Viewport Name, IDE problems

    I was testing your Designer 2.0 (on Windows 7 64-bit) today and found some problems:

    1. Is there any way to modify Ext.Loader? Pretty sure everybody would need to "disableCaching: false" for development purposes, but I couldn't find a way to do that through Designer.
    2. Default Viewport name is "MyViewport". Most people would need to manually change it to "Viewport" in order for the website to load. I've seen some posts and people complain that their page doesn't load. This is probably why. Also, it would be nice if autoCreateViewport was checked by default if user adds a viewport to the website.
    3. Finally, Designer IDE is very buggy (at least on Win7). Are you aware of that? If not, I can provide some examples...
    4. Are your examples from github ( platform specific? If I just download them and open .xds - I get a bunch of errors...


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    Thanks Alex for your feedback!

    1. We will look at Loader options. We may already have plans for doing this.
    2. if you get latest update, there is concept of initial view. Viewport.js will be generated automatically extending the initial view component.
    3. For any bugs, please provide examples here or you can also send the project(zipped directory) to designer dot feedback at sencha dot com.
    4. Expenses desktop was created by very early beta version of Designer 2 so there are no guarantees it will open correctly.

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    Check out today's preview build that we pushed out. I think you will find the ability to target specific top level classes as your initial view very useful.

    Please post separate threads about any particular bugs you have with Windows 7 or the Designer in general.

    Aaron Conran

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