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    Default GroupingView Events

    I am working on a grid component and hooking up a CheckboxSelectionModel and a GroupingView. I need a checkbox displaying for each of the grouped headers which I have achieved through editing the groupTextTpl of the GroupingView.

    However, now that I have my checkboxess displaying for each of my data rows and for each of the grouped header rows, I need to prevent the checkbox selection on the grouped header row causing the collapsed groups to expand and collapse.

    I have seen in other posts that there is a 'groupclick' event which I have setup a listener on in attempt to prevent the event from propagating, but this seem to to be too late in the event chain as when I break into this event handler the grouped row has already expanded to reveal the detail rows.

    I then had a go handling the 'groupmousedown' event on the grid, which I can now break into and the group does not expand, but when I try to stop the event using the Ext methods it doesnt seem to prevent the group from expanding\collapsing.

    Code below:

    this.on({'groupmousedown': function(grid, field, value, e){
            }, scope: this});
    Can anyone out there assist me here?
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