Hi, How do I get a horizontal scrollbar for the grid when I resize the window (to smaller size).
I cant get to show the horizontal scroll bar.

I have the grid added to a panel, that is added to a viewport. The view port is added to Layout container,

Viewport viewPort =
new Viewport();viewPort.setLayout(new FitLayout());panel = new ContentPanel(); panel.setHeading("Sample...."); panel.setIcon(Resources.ICONS.rss()); panel.setCollapsible(true);panel.setFrame(true); //panel.setSize(900, 600);
panel.setLayout(new FitLayout()); panel.add(pnlGrid); pnlGrid.getAriaSupport().setLabelledBy(panel.getHeader().getId() + "-label"); pnlGrid.getView().setAdjustForHScroll(true);
viewPort.add(panel); // added to layout container. add(viewPort);