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I apologize if I slammed your work too hard. However, the changes seem too subtle. Comparing the themes you created versus those created by Sencha, it's difficult to see a difference within 5 seconds.

I can respect the hard work required to create a new theme. Perhaps if you created a "metro" theme or something that is obviously different, then it would add value to your service. When I look at themes, I give it a max of 10 seconds to impress me. Otherwise, I move on.
You don't have to apologize Lorezyra. We're big lads here. Any feedback is appreciated. Good or bad I don't expect everyone to like the theme or even find it great value. You can't please everyone. I just wanted to make it clear to anyone reading, that it wasn't just a quick change to the standard theme that we were charging for.

It's quite obvious from this thread that we should be doing a better job to point out the differences for people who take a quick look at it and come to the same conclusion as yourself. So we will look at adjusting how we present it and point out the work involved in it.

We do plan on creating other themes, maybe we'll look at doing a metro style one in the future. We have already discussed creating the bootstrap theme for the ExtJS community and have scheduled it for later in the year providing time allows.