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Thread: Gracefully Handling External Request Timeout and Errors

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    Default Gracefully Handling External Request Timeout and Errors

    It seems like a common problem I am running into is that quit frequently requests timeout due to a less than ideal network connection. Other than increasing the timeout for a request I was wondering if anyone else had recommendations or implementations of gracefully handling this issue. From my own experience it seems like it would be ideal to carry out an action which takes the person back to the previous item when a card switch occurs. Than prompt them with a message to try again. However, I would like to establish a global way of achieving this, rather than replicating similar code every where. It seems like long term though that this may me something to consider when developing the routing or history implementation?


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    Listening to the exception event on a Store should handle getting these timeouts or bad status codes. Then if you have history and need to go back, call the browser's history.back()
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