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Thread: Tree Store getLeafValues

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    Default Answered: Tree Store getLeafValues

    I have a tree store hooked up to a nested list. The nested list represents a shopping cart list. There are categories and line items. Sometimes line items are nested under a category and sometimes under a subcategory.

    Each time the user adds an item to the shopping cart, the record in the tree store updates. Now when the user checks out I want to collect all the line items that were selected.

    If there was a function that returned all the leaf records in the tree I could use that, but I didn't find that function. Do you have any idea how I can get an array containing all the leaf nodes from the tree store?


  2. You will probably need to go through the store and check if it is a leaf or not.

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    You will probably need to go through the store and check if it is a leaf or not.
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