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    Default Answered: Mixing tpl and items

    I have a list detail view which works fine - it has a tpl and no items. I would like to add other components so I added an items array but now the tpl no longer shows. I have tried keeping the tpl in the main config and also adding it as a component to no avail (how does the data know where the appropriate tpl is located btw?) - I guess ideally I would like to be able to inject my list data anywhere on the page - i..e above and below and in between items. How is this done?

    Ext.define("App.view.ListDetail", {
        extend: "Ext.Container",
        record: undefined,
        config: {
            layout: 'vbox',
            style: "padding: 5px;",
            scrollable: true,
            //  tpl: ["<div>", "name<br />verified star<br />avatar pic", "</div>"].join(""), // this works fine if I have no items array
            //adding this causes above tpl to no longer render
            items: [
                xtype: 'component',
                tpl: ["<div>", "name<br />verified star<br />avatar pic", "</div>"].join(""),  //this does nothing
                xtype: 'panel',
                //more stuff here

  2. Add an updateData method to your parent view, and then use that to update the child view.

    updateData: function(newData, oldData) {
    That method will get called anytime the data config is changed in your view.

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