We are looking to use ExtJS to add some RIA feel to our webapps. However, our current web framework, Wicket is proving hard to integrate with Ext because Ext and Wicket both want to be in the driver seat. We started writing a Wicket component extension library until we realized that Ext-GWT was very similar. I was wondering if i could get some feedback on just what ExtGWT is like.
  1. When is ExtGWT 3 due out?
  2. It seems like GWT uses base code form ExtJS? If so, can we write ExtJS code to enhance or customize things?
  3. Does 3 use the base code from ExtJS4?
  4. How well does ExtGWT perform?
  5. I heard that there isn't much support for ExtGWT, it's not a risk to go away or anything is it? What support is available?
  6. ExtGWT 2 uses flash it seems. That might be a dealbreaker to us. Will 3 use flash?
  7. How is data marshalled from our data layer into the GWT components. I saw an example that seemed to do alot of manual set() methods