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Thread: [PR2] Multiple opened views couse performance problem

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    Default Answered: [PR2] Multiple opened views couse performance problem

    I observed a strange behavior with opening some view for many times and I want to know is it normal..

    When I switch my view with:
    Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem({ xtype: 'myviewwidget'});
    In page resources there are created component with id for example:
    id = "ext-myviewwidget-1"
    I switch now my view to another, but this component stays in page code. I checked it in PR1 release and the same situation is there, BUT...

    In PR2 when I open many views, speed of my application slows a lot. In PR1 application still works like a charm.

    I want to know if that strange problem is coused by my bad component initialization, or mayby I need to somehow destroy earlier created components when I switch view to another?

    What is the best practice? Or mayby it's a PR2 bug which would be fixed in next release?

  2. The problem was coused by selectfield listeners of 'change' event, which was loaded every time the view was created (there was couple of sort methods and binding).

    I rewrite that listeners to MVC pattern (into controller class) and problem is gone.

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