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    Lightbulb Ext.ux.chart.TitleChart - Chart with a Title

    When one page contains several charts, it may be necessary to provide users with information on each charts' meaning. This is what Ext.ux.chart.TitleChart is for: it allows assigning title text to any kind of chart supported by Ext JS.

    It looks like this:

    TitleChart screenshot.png

    TitleChart accounts for presence or absence of a title, adjusting chart dimensions accordingly. Title can be placed at top, bottom, left or right side of the Chart. Padding between Chart edge and title text is configurable, as well as margin between title text and actual charting area.

    Usage is pretty straightforward, take a look at the source and it should be obvious how to use it. Demo application is provided as well.

    Tested with:
    • Chrome 15
    • Firefox 7
    • Safari 5
    • Opera 11
    • MSIE 8
    Source code is released under GPL 3.0 on Github: Commercial licensing is also available.

    Live demo:

    Sencha Market page:

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