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    Question Answered: API Component / Keyword Conventions


    I have been going through some of the samples in the Touch 2.x documentations and am finding a lot of the code in Touch 1.x format. Some of the changes are minor, however, it would be much easier if there was a list of the conventions used for the API and components.

    Example Ext.Application from Touch 1 is not Ext.application in Touch 2 - Note the lowercase 'a' in application.

    This does not carry through, however, as Ext.Create is an uppercase and components are formatted such as TabPanel.

    Is there any documentation which explains the convention methodology of the API? This would make it much easier when converting the examples (and any created applications) from Touch 1 to Touch 2.

    Thank you for the time,
    Randy Friend

  2. Functions should always have a lowercased first letter and then be capitalized. Like Ext.application, Ext.create, and Ext.define.

    Class names however have a capitalized first letter. So, Ext.Container, Ext.field.Text, and so on.

    If you find any inconsistencies with this, please do let us know.

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