I try to use the designer view with Eclipse (Indigo version), but every example that I try, I have the following error:
Error loading module(s).
GWT Designer can't load a module because of error in gwt.xml module  description, incorrect resource which requires processing with GWT generator or  by some other configuration error.
 Please check your $project_dir/.gwt/.gwt-log for GWT-specific errors  (not GWT Designer errors).
This log has the following error messages:

[ERROR] Error occured loading property:   
[ERROR] Deferred binding failed for 'com.sencha.gxt.core.client.GXT.UserAgent'; expect subsequent failures
[ERROR] Failed to create an instance of 'com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.container.FlowLayoutContainer' via deferred binding
In my buildpath I have the gxt-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT and the uibinder-bridge-2.4.0.
Do I need to configure something else ?

Thanks for your help !