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Thread: Duplicate button on Row Grid?

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    Default Answered: Duplicate button on Row Grid?


    I am using a grid and added one button at the last column. My purpose for this button is to allow user to open another window after clicking on this button. However, when ido a search grid or reset my grid to display all rows, i will see a duplicate button being rendered. Under the address column, i should only see one manage button.

    Any thoughts on how i can check if the button has been created and stop the renderer from creating again?


                    header: 'Address',
                    width: 90,
                    renderer: function(value, metadata, record) {
                        var divid="add_"+record.get("userid");
                        // executes after 2 seconds:
                        Ext.Function.defer(createGridButton, 500, this, ["Manage", divid, record,"icon-grid","Address"]);
                        return('<div id="' + divid + '"></div>');
    //Create button in grid cell
    function createGridButton(value, divid, record,iconname,buttonOwner) {
            new Ext.Button({
                id: divid,
                itemId: divid,
                text: value,
                iconCls: iconname,
                handler : function(btn, e) {
                    //E.g. add_123
                    var tmpUserID=divid.split("_")[1];
            }).render(document.body, divid);    
    function ManageExtWindow(extWinType,UserID){
            PopupCenter("listing.php?Listing=Address&src=User&srcid=" + UserID,"Manage Address",900,600);
        }else if(extWinType=="Telephone"){
            PopupCenter("listing.php?Listing=Telephone&src=User&srcid=" + UserID,"Manage Address",900,600);

  2. I believe that tobiu was suggesting that you use an Action Column rather than trying to inject a button like that.

    An alternative would be to use the Component Column UX:

    I believe your current implementation will suffer quite badly from leaks. Do you ever destroy those buttons (just because they are no longer on screen doesn't mean they have been destroyed)?

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