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Thread: EXT 2.0 layout need re-design(for me at least)

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    Lightbulb EXT 2.0 layout need re-design(for me at least)

    hi all
    i'm coming from the land of java and swing where enery thing can be managed and changed from code in creation time as well as runtime
    although the ext team is making a really wonderfull job bringing the desktop experience to the web,from a developer(swing ui) perspective the layout needs redesign to allow runtime modefication to the containers and its content and to the layout object properties and behavior

    1-BorderLayout lack the ability to create region at runtime ,even accessing available regions is nearly impossible(except by Ext.getCmp()),modefing region content is not standard and nearly a hack, i think we need api like container.getLayout() to get the layout and then modefing its content
    layout.getRegion('regionLocation') and layout.addRegion('location','id') and layout.addToRegion(component)

    2-ColumnLayout lack the ability toadd columns at runtime dynamically and the ability to reorder the columns, i think api like columnLayout.addColumn(index) will be nice feature and ColumnLayout.changeColumnLocation(column,newIndex) is a required feature

    3-TableLayout need the same as the ColumnLayout for both rows and Columns

    can anyone from the dev team(Jack???) give a comment
    thanx in advance

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    Default Dynamically changing contents

    This isn't directly related to your question, but when I first started using Ext 2 I couldn't figure out how to dynamically add content to a layout.

    This post provides some insight:

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