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Thread: Best approach to structuring an Ext.Panel

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    Question Best approach to structuring an Ext.Panel

    Hi Guys,

    I would just like to hear your views about the best approach to 'design' or 'structure' Ext.Panels.

    Basically what I have is a js file containing various new Ext.Panels and an Ext.List.

    To get the List and the first panel to render together I added them as items to the Panels items array. However, the examples I see on the internet for the 'onItemDisclosure' of the list and its back button ... they are just using 'card' layout, which means my approach will not work as I have multiple objects/items contained in the one Panel.

    So, my question is this:

    Should I have just one 'card' layout and design the layout of the content via HTML? Or Is there another approach to navigating back via the back button?

    I can provide code samples if necessary


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    Think about it... you tap on something and it goes forward in your app... you hit the back button and it goes back... what do you envision. I envision something like using card layout.

    Not knowing what version of Sencha Touch you are referring to, I will just assume you mean ST1...

    new Ext.Panel({
        fullscreen : true,
        layout : 'card',
        cardSwitchAnimation : 'slide',
        items : [
                xtype : 'panel',
                html : 'First Card
                xtype : 'panel',
                html : 'Second Card
    Now you will only see one panel at a time within the panel that has layout: 'card'
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    Cool thanks for the reply


    thanks for the reply but I don't think you understood what I meant.

    See I had an Ext.Panel with a title and count total and an Ext.List obviously for a list of objects ... and wanted the two rendered together ...

    but the card layout can only render one object/item at a time.

    It's grand now though as I have found an example that uses the viewport with a card layout, which then allows you to add a Panel and a List

    thanks for the reply though

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