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Thread: Loading data into a component without a Store

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    Question Answered: Loading data into a component without a Store

    Hi all!

    I'm a Flex refugee and I'm slowly making my way through ExtJS.
    I'm porting over an ActionScript 3.0 library for doing web-services to an open-source backend I've written, and I want to find out if there's any way to load data into an ExtJS component without a Store? Is this a really stupid question because I don't understand ExtJS yet?

    I'd appreciate any and all help!

  2. OK - I think I've solved the problem.

    I've got a callback on an AJAX request which runs the following code:

    success: function(response){
        var list = Ext.getCmp("userlist1");
        var store = Ext.getStore("Users");
    I've got a component called userlist1 which I manually bind a Store to using the bindStore function, and then load the response data (which is an array of User model instances) into the Store. This example is using a predefined Store definition, but it's trivial to create a temporary Store on the fly (I'd imagine) and then bind that to a View.

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