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Thread: Difficulty getting started

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    Default Difficulty getting started


    I'm currently trying to learn Sencha Touch. My programming experience includes primarily Java (native Android development) and development for Windows in C#/WPF. I've also coded some PHP and Perl.

    Normally when I decide to learn a new programming language or framework, I pick up a book and start reading, testing the examples as I go. About a week later, things eventually start to click, and I can start coding on my own. However, after a week of studying Sencha Touch, I can't exactly say that things are starting to click yet; learning JavaScript and the Sencha Touch framework at the same time is turning out to be a significant learning curve for me.

    Here's what I've read so far:
    - Some chapters in a book on general JavaScript as in introduction to the lanauge.
    - Sencha Touch in Action (what's currently available of it)
    - Some tutorials on this site

    I guess at this point I understand bits and pieces of the framework, but I would benefit from a complete, running example using the MVC practice, preferably with well-commented code. For starters, my app will let users log in a view a list of products owned by them, the data being provided by a REST/JSON web service. Are there any examples like this?

    Also, do you think I am better off learning Sencha Touch 2 right away, or would I be making life easier on myself by starting with Sencha Touch 1?

    Any other tips for me to get started?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are a couple of examples that use MVC that are provided in the downloaded zip. Sencha Touch in Action, last MEAP I got, isn't for Sencha Touch 2... it looked very much like what Jay had written for Sencha Touch 1 before I told him that ST2 was too close to write a book for ST1.

    Learning Sencha Touch 1 won't really help you understand Sencha Touch 2. There are quite a lot of differences between the two versions so I would just go with Sencha Touch 2 straight away. In teh API docs, there are a few guides and that will grow as time goes on. There is also a Learn section of this site (look at the top) and tutorials for Sencha Touch 2 will be coming... as time goes on. Past that, use this forum as ST2 is regularly patrolled by myself and community members.
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