After some problems last friday, I'd dived into the framework code but it leaves unclear. Where and when will this be called?

The actual problem: I had created several custom stores based on the I'm also using the config attribute attaching some extra params. (e.g. applyHost: function(val){;}) as a replacement for the old "baseParams"-way (on constructing time only). In one part of the application, everything works (all grids). In another part the does not work. The additional params will not applied, the apply*-methods will not be called (checked). Only if I override the constructor and call after this.callParent(arguments) an explicit this.initConfig() it will works. Currently, I could be possible that the problem occurs when not using grids, but I'm still unsure (will see that next week).

If this is a grid only thing, at which point of object's lifecycle "should" initConfig called? (thinking about a global, custom store component by myself).

Speaking of models and stores, I have a more architectural question: Should proxys defined in stores or in models? Yes, both should work but is there a general recommendation? If we put the proxy, root, and url configurations out of stores direct into the model, than most of the concrete stores will be obsolet. So: "Big" models or "big" stores?