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Thread: Simple Twitter example

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    Default Simple Twitter example

    Hi Forum

    I am new to Sencha touch which is great however need some help.
    By adapting a few of the examples I am trying to add in the code from Geotweets into another Tabpanel example. Can someone please point me in the right direction for replacing the html content below in the two tabpanels with the twitter and geo location options. I have attempted adding and adapting the existing code from geotweets but cant get it to work.

    I think the forum would really benefit from having a simple tweet example which is adaptable to most situations. many thanks in advance.



    ToolbarDemo.views.Homecard = Ext.extend(Ext.TabPanel, {
    title: "Tweets",
    iconCls: "home",
    initComponent: function() {
    Ext.apply(this, {
    defaults: {
    styleHtmlContent: true
    items: [{
    title: 'TabPanels',
    scroll: 'vertical',
    html: '<p>The TabPanel provides a familiar tabbed interface that enables you to switch between different panels. It comes in two distinct flavours. When the tab bar is top-docked, each tab takes on the appearance of a button with a text label. But if you dock the tab bar to the bottom, then each tab button can be assigned an icon, as well as a text label. The icons are styled with an active and inactive state, which has a native look and feel.</p>'
    title: 'Toolbars',
    scroll: 'vertical',
    html: '<p>Toolbars can be used as a title bar or as a container for buttons, or you can mix and match both of these functions.</p>'


    ToolbarDemo.views.Homecard.superclass.initComponent.apply(this, arguments);

    Ext.reg('homecard', ToolbarDemo.views.Homecard);

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    Hi and welcome!
    Actually this is a too generic question and even if I explain you how to do that, you would not understand why.
    I always suggest to new Sencha developers to first have a deep look at the docs and to start with something simple and then to make one step at a time to develop the first complex application, and with develop the first complex application I don't mean copy and paste from others application. That is not the best way to learn.

    However, if you have a more specific question I will be glad to help you.
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