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Thread: ComboBox autocomplete not working properly with pagination

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    Default ComboBox autocomplete not working properly with pagination

    Hello everybody!

    I found some undesired behavior for the combobox control. I'm not quite sure whether it's a bug. Maybe somebody else went through the same issue I do. Now, let me describe a little the use case that leads to the problem:

    -- I have a paginated combo with 12 items per page;
    -- the combo has autocomplete enabled (forceSelection = true, editable = true);
    -- I expand the bound list without typing any text;
    -- I go to a page, say 9;
    -- I start to type characters in the combo, say 'sencha';

    Looking to the GET request parameters, I see the following set:

    -- query : 'sencha',
    -- limit : 12,
    -- page : 9,
    -- start : 96

    And that's not quite what I expected. I expect that, when I start typing, the pagination resets. I'd presume I want to make a new search, completely unrelated to the previous one and to the page I've navigated to. At the beginning, I don't want to see the 9th page with results containing 'sencha'. What if only few items (2 or 3) in my list contains 'sencha'?

    In the end, is this a bug?
    If not, is there any workaround to obtain the behaviour I desire?

    Thanks a lot.

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    As a user, I would expect paging to be cleared out as you are getting a new data set. If I can get a small test case I can open a bug report.
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