I'm building an app containing a few horizontal sliders. I figured Ext.Carousel would be the right behavior but it is a dataview to interact with cards, not a value selector. So Ext.Picker is much better targeted to do this, given that I want is to retrieve always the selected value... I figured I could modify Ext.Picker.Slot behaviors a little:


This is not bullet-proof yet, and I was strongly wondering if you (the Sencha devs) where thinking of implementing an horizontal version of Picker/Slot.

The main problem I found is that being in a container hbox it expands 100%, so the "containerSize" does not increase further than this (the browser's window width).
Ext.Picker.Slot should measure the total width of its container (using the dataview's items) and achieve in this way a good snapping effect and more solid behavior.

This is a feature request. Whether or not you decide to make Ext.Picker work horizontally too, I'm going to extend it so it works properly for me. If anybody would be interested in this let me know, and I'll post my code to Github when finished.

Keep up the good work!