Today we are pleased to announce the availability of the Sencha Market, our destination for the discovery of third party Sencha components. One of the great strengths of Ext JS in particular has always been its extensibility, which has engendered a cottage industry of extensions, plugins, themes and other add-ons to the framework. With the new Sencha Market, we can now bring all of the best add-ons together in one place, and also encourage the creation of similar ecosystems around all Sencha frameworks and tools.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Sencha Market, and we've only just begun:

For Add-on Developers
  • Register and start promoting and distributing your own components today, absolutely free of charge
  • Provide your add-ons under open source and/or commercial license, as you see fit
  • Instantly drive traffic to your own website and exposure for your components
For Add-on Users
  • Find components, themes and templates for Ext JS, Sencha Touch and all Sencha products in one place
  • Easily discover new components through user ratings, featured and related add-ons, product/category search, etc.
  • Track your favorite add-ons for easy future reference
  • Key information is maintained for each add-on, including framework version support, browser support and documentation links
Today's forum announcement is a "soft" launch. We're excited to open up the Market directly to our committed developer community here in the forums first, before announcing it more broadly. We are of course anxious to hear your feedback, and we are also ready to start enrolling community members as official add-on authors who will fill the Market with amazing content. Listing is free, and we also hope to enable you to sell your components directly from the Sencha Market soon. If you choose to sell your components via the Market, then we plan to charge a percentage of the sales price as a distribution fee -- similar to an app store model.

Our goal is to add lots of new components over the next few weeks, while letting the community kick the tires and report any issues. Once the Market has been filled out and battle-tested, we plan to launch it publicly and with much fanfare. Until then please try it out, add some components and let us know what you think.