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    Default How to build login feature


    I'm trying to create a Sencha Touch prototype app for the first time. So far I have a skeleton app following the MVC pattern. I've managed to create a main view consisting of a Panel with a login button (that does nothing yet).

    I want to implement a login feature that takes a set of user credentials and validates them against my REST/JSON web service. If the credentials are correct, the username/pass must be stored locally and then sent with every subsequent call to the web service for validation.

    Bonus feature: If the credentials ever change on the server, rendering the credentials stored in LocalStorage invalid, the credentais saved in LocalStorage should be wiped and the user should be logged out and sent back to the login screen.

    I'm new here, so any pointers on how to get started on this would be appreciated. What elements do I need, in which files to I place them, how do you tie it together, etc.

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    for the architecture, i recommend this tutorial:!...n_architecture

    it is for ext js 4, but the mvc structure in st 2 is the same.
    Best regards
    Tobias Uhlig

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