Apparently tpl is no longer functioning in Dataviews the way they used to be (ie accessing the configured store), and we now must use itemTpl and forego the 'itemSelector' configuration to tell us what triggers an item select.

So - the question is ... how do I achieve the same looping mechanism in a dataview now ?

I have data which I have to wrap in a table structure, and have each item as a cell in that table.

This no longer works as far as I can tell. In fact - it seems rather silly that itemTpl can take a XTemplate which understands the <tpl for="."> mechanism since the Template is only performed on the single record.

Suggestions ?

Thank you!


tpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
   '<table border=0>',
   '<tpl for=".">',
   '<td>{random data from record here}</td>',
The above is what I need to get working again. It doesn't. Switching to itemTpl does - but of course, creates a table for each item. :-(