hi everyone,
I am implementing one page contain 3 tabs.on each tab i am calling different views (on click of each tab by dispatch) via controller's method . here i am creating different store in each view but model and JSON is same.
if i switch between 3 tabs then on 3rd or 4th click AJAX call to json are getting doubled. like instead of making one JSON request it is making more than one request automatically increases that count if i go for next tab click. but i am getting data correct. Why it is making 3-4 ajax calls extra . as i'm calling three views and creating store new.
following is rough structure of my code
myController = new Ext.Controller({
//call view
//call view
//call view


view file

myview=Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {

// docked items
// three tabs or items of segmented button toolbar
items: [{ text: 'tab1',
}, {
text: 'tab2',
text: 'tab3',

listeners: {
toggle: this.onSwitch
scope: this

//some build items method that will create store and load data from json

onSwitch:function(segButton, button, pressed){

Ext.dispatch({ controller: myController,
action: 'method1'
/*similarly for other 2 tabs*/


now first user will come at t1 tab when we try to switch from t1->t2 ,t2->t3 and t3->t1 now on last click it is making request twice to same json. again if user switch to other tab it doubles (count is not finite) request to json.
don't know what is happening?where i am doing wrong?
please help me......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance