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Thread: possible regression: vbox layout, center align

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    Default possible regression: vbox layout, center align

    The following code seems to work in Ext 4.0.7, but does not work in Ext 4.1-pr1:

    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
      title: 'Hello',
      autoShow: true,
      items: [ {
        xtype: 'component',
      }, {
        xtype: 'container',
         layout: {
           type: 'vbox',
           align: 'center',
           autoSize: true
         items: [ {
           xtype: 'component',
           html: 'AAAAAAAA'
         } ]
      } ]
    Specifically, in 4.0.7 the A component is centered relative to the window and the X component. In 4.1-pr1 it is left aligned.

    A minor difference I noticed is that in Ext 4.1-pr1 autoSize no longer does anything, but I don't think that's relevant to my issue because autoSize was only needed in 4.0.7 to get the vbox to appear at all, whereas in 4.1 it appears without it, it's just that the alignment seems wrong.

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    The layout engines have been rewritten and the beta is due out soon (no dates). Of course beta is more stable than a developer preview release so this should be checked when the beta comes out.
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