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Thread: Best way of determining geographical user location?

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    Question Best way of determining geographical user location?

    I am working on an application in Sencha Touch 2.0.0 that works with Google Maps and PhoneGap. Now I want to determine the location of the user. The only thing I need is a latitude and a longitude.

    However, there are so many ways of doing this that I am overwhelmed by the choice and don't know what method to choose and what the trade-offs are.

    1. Use PhoneGap's Cocoa API
    2. Use Safari's Geo Location Javascript API.
    3. Use the Google Maps location API.

    Which of these methods delivers the best user experience, and is there a preferred way of doing it in Sencha Touch 2.0.0?

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    HTML5 has it's spec that we use for Ext.util.GeoLocation. This returns several things but most notable is the lat/long coords
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