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Thread: PR3 change in container getData?

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    Default Answered: PR3 change in container getData?

    Hi. Excited to use PR3 - however my app stopped working in some areas.

    I have a controller that calls a new view:

    getNewView: function() {
    ..stuff to get data
    var a = b.getAt(0);
    console.log(a.getData());  <-- this shows correct data
    //then pass the data to 
    return this.getView("Dashboard").create({
                title: "Dashboard",
                data: a.getData()
    I used to be able to access this data in my view in PR2 but no more - now it shows as undefined
    Ext.define("SquareRoute.view.Dashboard", {
        extend: "Ext.Container",
        xtype: 'dashboard',
        record: undefined,
        initialize: function() {
            var a = this.getData();
              console.log(a); <-- empty/undefined
    I looked at changelog/docs but I don't see anything related to this.

  2. You must call this.callParent() if you override initialize. Put it before your getData() call and it will work.

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