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Thread: Controller Not Recognizing xtype ComponentQuery

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    Default Controller Not Recognizing xtype ComponentQuery

    Possible bug.

    After hours of running various tests, it looks like ST2 PR2 might have a bug in the way is using Ext.ComponentQuery to provision a control...or--the other alternative is--I just can't figure out how to invoke control correctly.

    According the docs, Ext.ComponentQuery can be invoked with an xtype.

    Below is an example which illustrates the problem.

    The function called by the painted control is not being invoked:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Viewport', {
    extend: '', views: ['Hello'], init: function(){
    'hello': { //xtype provisioned in Hello.js
    painted: this.onContainerPainted
    }, onContainerPainted: function(){
    console.log('The container was painted'); //DOES NOT DISPLAY IN CONSOLE
    }); console.log('Exiting MyApp.controller.Viewport'); //DOES DISPLAY IN CONSOLE
    Welcome your suggestions; thanks!

    Plane Wryter

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    Few tips to debug:

    - Have you tried listening to the painted event on the component itself?
    - Try hiding and then showing the component. Does the controller get the event then?

    It looks like the painted event *may* be getting fired too early?
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