I installed designer 1.2.2, but when I launch the application, I get a weird looking screen and can't really do anything. Here's a screenshot:


I have tried installing both the 64-bit and the 32-bit versions, but the screen looks the same using either of them.

Starting from shell does pretty much the same. I get this in the terminal:

mkortela@sokrates:/opt/ExtDesigner-1.2.2-48$ ./ExtDesigner
Loading libion: /home/mkortela/.local/share/data/Sencha, Inc./Sencha Designer 1.2/libion-1.2.0.so
Loading Ion resource: /home/mkortela/.local/share/data/Sencha, Inc./Sencha Designer 1.2/xds-1.2.2-48.ion
Load result: Success
QFont::setPixelSize: Pixel size <= 0 (0)
Here's what the window looks like this time around:


And again, there's nothing much you can do. Just close the window...

What might be causing this, and is there any workaround I should try?