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Thread: Reset MsgBox

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-1246 in a recent build.
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    Red face Reset MsgBox


    I am having difficulties with msgbox.

    I have user input email address. Than after email validation, a msgbox will either popup to ask for password (prompt), or if email address is not valid, it will request to register (show).

    However, if prompt runs before show, the text field from prompt still appears.

    I am looking for the correct way to reset / set default / remove text field.

    if (Ext.getCmp('email').getValue() == "me"){                                    
         Ext.Msg.prompt('Password', 'Please enter your password:', function(text) {
                   title:'Account unavailable',
                   msg: "I'm sorry, we were unable to locate this account. Would you like to register it?",
                   buttons: [{text:'Cancel'},
                                 {text:'Register',handler:function(btn, text){
    Thank you.

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    According to the API docs... you should be able to set the prompt config to false and it will remove the text field. Sounds like a bug so I will report a bug.
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