I'm happily using Ext Designer 1.2.2 build 48 for building up my GUI. At the moment I'm stuck with the neccessarity of using extraParams in a store definition: I need to pass the values of some other components which I need for the dynamic store logic. In a manually built app, I added the following definition to the store:
                extraParams: { 
                'sessionId': Ext.state.Manager.get('sessionId'),
                'searchName': Ext.ComponentManager.get('searchFullname').getValue(),
                'searchDepartment': Ext.ComponentManager.get('searchDepartment').getValue(),
                'searchLocation': Ext.ComponentManager.get('searchLocation').getValue(),
                'searchCompany': Ext.ComponentManager.get('searchCompany').getValue()
Since Ext Designer supports the extraParams definition as an "[object]" definition and I cannot check out how the formatting of this is: how to paste the above code snippet into the "extraParams" field for my store without messing the syntax? It seems that every singletick will be escaped by a backslash. Any hints are welcome.